Teachers (Y 1-8) - Social Sciences

Maruawai: The Valley of Water: Years 1 – 10. Learn how the area became known as Maruawai, how kanakana were discovered and how the Mataura River has been a shopping basket of resources for both Maori & Pakeha. Allow 45 - 60 minutes. Gore Historical Museum.

Exploring Historical Gore:  Years 3-10.  Challenge your observational skills on a scavenger hunt around our rich heritage collection. Gore Historical Museum.

Shopping & Recycling: Years 1 – 10. Fill your shopping basket with goods from early Gore businesses. Learn how early colonial families recycled. (45 minutes) Gore Historical Museum.

Hands on with Artefacts: Suitable for all ages & lots of fun! Get hands-on with some sturdy artefacts, look at the design, materials they are constructed from and see if you can decide on what the artefacts actually are and what is used in their place today. Some are more easily solved than others, which are real brain-stumpers! Lots of fun and a unique chance to handle artefacts in a controlled setting. Allow 60 minutes. Gore Historical Museum.

Photographic Interpretation: Photographs selected to suit your learning objectives. Are you looking at how Eastern Southland has changed? Businesses in the main street? Flood? Or even just studying the science of photographs themselves? Develop observational skills looking at a series of selected photographs from our historical collection. Contact the Gore Historical Museum to see how they can help you!

ANZAC Day/ Rememberance Day: Year 1 - 10. Take a visit to the Gore RSA's museum and uncover the various artefacts on display. Learn about uniforms, symbolism and what it was like for service people overseas. Gore Memorial RSA

These Magnificent Flying Machines: Year 1 – 3. Hear a delightful tale about flying, then go on a scavenger hunt around our rich heritage collection. (45 – 60 minutes) Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre.

Flight: Year 4 – 10. What are the forces of flight? How do different aircraft operate? How has aviation changed our lives? Investigate our hanger to discover the answers, then in groups put your knowledge together to create the kite, paper plane or aerofoil that travels the longest distance. (90 minutes) Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre.

Inventors: Year 4 – 10. Southland’s early aviators were intrepid inventors – willing to stretch their imaginations. After investigating the Pither aircraft, are you able to invent something able to take flight? (90 minutes) Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre.

If there is a programme you would like tailored to your needs, please contact the Gore Historical Museum at  or the Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre on 03 208 6046.