Teachers (Y 1-8) - Teachers' Notes for Project Turangawaewae - Where We Live

Project Turangawaewae - Where We Live has been flexibly designed so that you are able to incorporate local content into a broad inquiry topic or as a stand alone inquiry on the Gore district.

Our hope is that you will grow the project, providing inspiration to others by sharing the class work you do.

Below are some additional notes and ideas to support furthering the project.  If you have any other ideas or would like to share how you've used this in class we'd love to hear from you.  Contact us via the enquiry form.

District Timeline

  • The timeline stops in the 1990s.  What can students add that has happened over the last 20 years?
  • Want to explore further - check out the publication that celebrated 150 years of Gore - Glancing Back - a chronicle of Gore.

People & Migration

Mataura River


  • Who are the people in our community? Explore the people of significance in your own school community.

Rural Life

  • Brainstorm ways in which rural life has changed over the past 100 years.  How would a family go to town?  What sort of daily chores would there be?  What did children do for entertainment?

Our Industries

  • Can you discover new industries developing in our district?
  • Fertiliser is a significant industry which links rural, transport and aerial businesses.  Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre provides a programme that highlights the use of Tiger Moths.

ANZAC Heritage

  • The Gore Memorial RSA welcomes school visits and has a growing display of memorabilia including uniforms.  Check out our recommendations of what to do before you visit.
  • Explore what life was like at home with fundraising, making up care packages and music with online resources http://www.history.net.nz/war-and-society.

Country Music

  • The week leading up to Queen's Birthday is the biggest in Gore's country music calendar.  Get your class involved with the Freeze Ya Bits Off busking competition.  
  • Create your own Junior Ambassador competition.

Gore's Icons

  • Try out some poetry like several schools did with the winning entries gaining a spot on the pages of the resource.

Gore Buildings

  • Create a black and white silhouette of building outlines.
  • What was there before supermarkets?  Specialty shops such as butchers, bakers, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable shops.  Explore what specialised businesses were in your Main Street and how they are different from today.